A Modern Hero in the Wrestling Arena

05 Apr

Ric flair is one of the iconic figures in modern wrestling. He has changed the way people perceive wrestling as it were and inspiring many upcoming figures to join wrestling. Since hanging his boots he left an indelible mark on the wrestling stage by winning many accolades and retired a folk hero in popular culture. After retiring Ric flair became a manager and couched his daughter to start wrestling. He is regarded as one among the greats and this was sealed when he was inducted in the Wrestling hall of fame .His alias that he used for most part of his career is the Nature Boy. He is probably one of the most decorated pro wrestlers in the history of wrestling as a career. One of the most notable attributes of Ric flair is the fact that during his hay days as a wrestler he used to be charismatic. He would capture the crowd with his signature move and charismatic catch phrase endearing him to millions of viewers around the world. He headlined major views in his career due to his increasing popularity enabling him to become one of the most sought after wrestler during his prime. He would then go on to clinch major titles with opponents that hugely favored to win.

He has a loyal following to this day .He has faced major opponents in the wrestling circle. He pioneered in clinching major titles that had just been unveiled much to the joy of his fans across the world. He coached and managed his daughter to clinch the women's title after retiring. His loyal fans always chanted one of his most notable catch phrase whenever he would walk into the ring. One of the major moments in his career is having to clinch the World Heavyweight Championship eight times. He is the only person that has been inducted at the hall of fame twice sealing his career as among the best in his trade. Go here ricflair.com to visit and get more info about Ric Flair.

Before hanging his boots Ric flair has inspired so many upcoming wrestlers to become champions and he is one of the most influential wrestlers of all time. On many occasions he was the Posta boy for the wrestling federation due to his popularity and that the fact that he had many followers. He has continued to inspire many people in and out the ring. His character is even better since no one is too big or too small for Ric flair as his fans would attest.

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